Dragon Statue




Dragons are very complex symbols in medieval and eastern literature. They are at the crossroads of the serpent and the bird. These two symbols alone are powerful in their own right. Combined, they represent one of the most powerful creatures, and can be traced back to ancient China. In Christian traditions, this beast is a symbol of evil. However, this magnificent creature symbolizes wisdom, supernatural power, strength and hidden knowledge in Eastern cultures.

The fascination with dragons goes beyond books, movies and television shows. As a supplier of gothic and medieval products, we offer the largest possible selection of dragon statues. Browse our collection of hand-painted dragon statues, detailed dragon figures and impressive dragon sculptures. Let's take a look at the many rooms in your home and why you have dragon statues, statuettes and figurines in your home.

Dragon Garden Statues

Dragons are often the guardians of great treasures or knowledge in medieval folklore. A garden with dragon statues gives the impression of a hidden treasure buried under the ground.

A protective dragon statue watching over its treasure will look great around other valuables or around other statues, creating unique medieval and fantasy scenes throughout your garden. A statue of this creature in the garden can add a mystical element to your garden that fantasy lovers will surely love.

Living Room Dragon Statues

In Asian mythology, dragons are the guardians of life. In fact, their blood was considered a talisman that brought good fortune, health and luck. You can use them to complete a medieval table, a typical bookcase or an old-fashioned bedside table. Using such statues and figurines, not only in the garden but also in the living room, promises a home full of vitality and an aura of "good fortune" that others will envy. In short, these draconic works are ideal for optimizing your feng shui.

Dragon Bedroom Statues

There are many television shows, movies and cartoons that feature dragons. Having a collection of dragon figurines and statuettes will prove to be a great topic of conversation at dinner parties. These figurines and statuettes can make a wonderful centerpiece in any drab room.

Just like the mythical dragons, the statues we offer come in different shapes, sizes, positions and colors: ranging from green and black to red, silver, blue and other impressive colors that make this magnificent beast impressive and eye-catching. We also offer them in various poses. An attacking dragon statuette is a great choice for more aggressive decorating, while a peaceful and restful statue is an elegant option for a more relaxed atmosphere in your home.

All of our statues and figurines have one thing in common: their level of detail (the design is very intricate and the finish is particularly fine). This makes each of them a wonderful decoration idea.

These sculptures are the perfect backdrop for your garden, living room or your own dragon figurine collection in the bedroom. Fans of all ages will enjoy our high quality statues, statuettes and figurines. They will make great gifts for special events and holidays, such as birthdays and Christmas.