Dragon Kimono




Originally, the kimono, which translates as "thing you wear on yourself", is a traditional garment (long dress) in Japan, but the trend is changing. Influenced and modernized by Western clothing, the Dragon Kimono has become a fashionable outfit. Casual and light, it offers you pleasant sensations.

The patterns of our Dragon Kimono are very colorful, and the prints of these mythological creatures are made with a master hand. Japanese streetwear is more and more trendy in France, innovate your style with a high quality Dragon Kimono! 👘🐉


It's simple, you can wear it at home, as well as everyday on the street. We focus on the urban style of the Dragon Kimono, you can create very "streetwear" sets. The fabric is delicate and comfortable, use your Dragon Kimono as a jacket or vest when it is hot. You can also wear your Dragon Kimono over a t-shirt, or shirtless at home, in all simplicity.

If you're wondering "which Kimono to choose?" Know that you have a wide range of choices among our selection of Dragon Kimono. Different sizes with loose or more fitted cuts, and a wise old man once said that every man and woman should be prepared for all eventualities by owning a Dragon Kimono in their wardrobe. 🐲


The word kimono for men is a generic word like clothing. There are many types of kimono for men. The very informal type is called Yukata. It is made of cotton and is worn mainly at parties/matsuri, or for relaxing in traditional inns, Ryokan in summer. You are likely to see Japanese men wearing this type of kimono. But for very formal occasions like a wedding, they can rent an outfit (like western men rent tuxedos) which would include a "nagajuban" (sub-kimono), a kimono, an obi belt, a "hakama" (skirt) as pants, and a "haori" (all-silk jacket). It's a good idea to pair the kimono with a dragon shirt. 👘🐉

The dragon man kimono is quite special, beyond the authentic look it gives to its wearer, the dragons (patterns or designs) on it have positive meanings on the state of mind. Kimonos are also worn by many traditional artists.


The Women's Dragon Kimono will be a charming piece of your wardrobe. This traditional looking outfit can be worn as a nightwear. Depending on its length (dragon kimono dress) and its color, its use can vary. Considered as existing for a thousand years and present on the land of immortals, it is a symbol of longevity and good fortune. The red color is sacred, representing the vital elements of life: dawn, fire and blood. Very artistic, this Japanese garment adds a decorative layer to your style. 👘🐉

The women's kimono jacket is here to stay, which is why we offer you the choice of a wide variety of colors and prints. Kimono jackets can be worn with almost anything. Embrace the trend this summer to create your perfect look. Pair your dragon kimono with shorts, a simple top, sneakers or sandals. Opt for a clean aesthetic, as the dragon kimono with its patterns and different shades will complement your clothing style perfectly.


For Westerners, the word "kimono" is associated with the image of Japan. The mere mention of this garment evokes nostalgic and melancholic visions of Japan's past, for Gaijin (foreigners) as well as for Japanese! The Japanese love and respect for nature is reflected in the themes chosen to decorate kimonos. Flowers, trees and streams have been lovingly hand-painted on the surface of the robes. Often, kanji and dragons were incorporated into the designs. Pieces of poetry or characters alluding to ideas or concepts were embroidered or painted on the garment. 👘🐉