Dragon Jacket




Our Dragon Jackets complete your clothing style by adding a supernatural and imaginary touch. The designs of our dragon jackets are strongly inspired by Asian folklore. Their appearances are original, rare and have symbolisms related to dragons. Quanta our dragon bombers, they are essential pieces that give character to your silhouette. The embroidered patterns and decorations embody an inimitable charm and elegance to our clothes. A dragon jacket helps you express your style, taste and desire for fantasy. 🐉


The selection of dragon jackets that we offer you protects you not only from the cold but also from evil spirits and evil eye, all in style. The models of our jackets, bombers, blousons and blazers illustrate dragons. The creature itself often symbolizes fire and therefore doubly warms your heart. Know that the oriental dragon is an emblem of power, strength and luck for those who are worthy of it. The fabrics and materials used are of high quality, from organic cotton to bamboo fiber, not to mention the embroidery on our clothes which are just majestic.


Our dragon jackets come in a variety of styles and looks to match your moods and with ease. Pair an aviator jacket with camouflage pants for a military look. Whether it's fitted or casual, our collection of dragon jackets offers you a multitude of choices. If you're into fantasy and clothing, you'll want to have a piece like this in your closet. Enhance your figure with a dragon jacket, with its stand-up collar, elastic cuffs and hem, the garment enhances your build with virility. The dragon jacket will meet your expectations and satisfy your desire to have a slightly more extravagant look that stands out.


Women's dragon jackets are more graceful and light. However, you may decide to go oversized and wear a garment with more masculine appeal. Very comfortable, the women's dragon jacket gives you the boldness to express your style with ardor. The women's dragon bomber is timeless and chic. Our dragon jackets are suitable for urban style (streetwear) as well as for a more casual style with mix and match. Choose among the color variations and the different components of our dragon jackets that will make you happy such as MA1 pockets on the sleeve, zippers, buttons or raglan pockets with flaps.


You can pair your dragon jacket with a multitude of accessories and clothing. When the weather is cooler, in the fall/winter season, you can pair it with one of our dragon hoodies. Sweaters and jackets go hand in hand. The lining, padding and long sleeves keep you comfortable and protected. The polyester is wind and water resistant. For warmer weather, such as Spring and Summer, we recommend pairing your dragon jacket with a t-shirt. You can play with different colors and cuts for a more sporty and casual look. Don't forget that the dragon jacket will be at the heart of your style. Elegant and stylish, this piece will serve as a pedestal to complete the rest of your fantastic look. You will have the embarrassment of choice to add or not jewelry, such as a bracelet, a ring or even a necklace to refine your charisma and charm.🐲