Dragon Bracelet




It is a remarkable feeling to wear a heavenly creature on your wrist, the Dragon Bracelet is a fashion accessory worthy of the greatest kings and rulers. The dragon symbol is so noble that at the time only they (the emperors) had the honor and chance to wear them. Our range of dragon bracelets has everything you need, leather bracelet, silver, stainless steel and pearls of course. 🐲

Dragon Bracelets are jewelry items that are fashion related. Women and men usually use bracelets to put more emphasis on their own style. But often, they are unaware that they possess symbolisms and meanings. The dragon bracelet holds a real role in some cultures.


Of all the spiritual animals, the dragon is one of the most powerful, master of all the elements (fire, water, earth and wind). It represents the transformation that your life will undergo. He represents strength, courage and fortitude. The dragon spirit is attracted to intelligent, dignified, enthusiastic and authoritative people. Dragons guide these people to light and enlightenment. The dragon bracelet is a messenger jewelry of balance and magic, encouraging you to tap into your psychic nature and see the world through the eyes of mystery and wonder. 🐉


You will also find the dragon bracelet with a more ethnic aesthetic, like the beaded ones that are very trendy. You can mix them together to create combinations, choose your bracelets according to that if you decide to go for that choice. You can play with colors, tones, shapes and contrasts to achieve your goals. Finally, know that the dragon bracelet captures the attention around you and gives you benefits on the mental and physical level.


Nowadays, the Dragon Bracelet for Men is a great success. Specifically the Leather Dragon Bracelet which has become trendy. It occupies an important place in fashion, and its combination with other dragon jewelry is an art. The young generation believes that the Dragon Bracelet has become an irreplaceable fashion accessory, and wears more and more the Dragon Man Leather Bracelet on the wrist. The various advantages of the Dragon Bracelet leather are:

Its material, a dragon bracelet blends perfectly with other leather clothing and accessories (jackets, shoes, belt, wallet).
It is a vintage jewel, created several centuries ago, it is worn by many stars and celebrities of different style (punk, funky, rock, tribal, hippie, retro).
It is remarkable, it attracts the opposite sex and helps you to maintain a balanced relationship. This type of dragon bracelet makes a strong impression.


The silver dragon bracelet is made of a metal called 925 sterling silver. It is a noble alloy, once equipped on the wrist, the silver dragon bracelet man ignites your look and enhances your build. It is often worn under the sleeve, whether you wear a shirt, sweater or jacket. The silver dragon bracelet should only be noticed at appropriate times, such as when you extend your arm to shake hands as a greeting or presentation. 🐉

The silver dragon bracelet for men should always be revealed to surprise, except when you wear it with a short sleeve shirt, during the warmer months, like in Summer. In this case, you can also try a combination of different types of bracelet, for a fresh and modern look.


The stainless steel dragon bracelet is an unimaginable creation, because it meets almost all your expectations. Everyone can afford it, the stainless steel dragon bracelet is very affordable. Knowing that it has many benefits, it may be your chance, if you discover your favorite. Some are made of titanium, tungsten and are decorated with hematite beads.

A stainless steel dragon bracelet is very often unisex, and will not cause you any allergies. It accumulates many designs, each one as charming as the other, thanks to the existence of a multitude of meshes (forçat, venetian, figaro). Stainless steel is very handy and on our dragon bracelets figure different parts of the body of the wonderful creature, such as the dragon head 🐲, a claw, an eye or even its wings. It's up to you to make your choice from our range of dragon bracelets.


A Pearl Dragon Bracelet is used by many people, as it brings positive energy or luck to its wearer. This type of dragon bracelet man beads comes in different colors according to your preferences. You can combine several dragon bracelets to get a heterogeneous effect.

The meaning of a pearl dragon bracelet actually depends on the color. For example, if you wear a dragon bracelet with purple beads, it means that your creativity is enhanced, the wearer's mind is freed and stress is relieved. Here are some meanings of these colored beads:

  • Black Pearl Dragon Bracelet: enhances your attributes and presence, boosts your courage, charm, self-confidence and spiritual maturity.
  • Blue Pearl Dragon Bracelet: brings peace, order and harmony to your surroundings, produces a calming effect, renewal and self-control.
  • Green Pearl Dragon Bracelet : embraces change, increases your adaptability and productivity, brings peace, prosperity and healing.
  • Red Pearl Dragon Bracelet : stimulates your bravery and passion, gives strength to your loved ones, your life and your work, stimulates your metabolism.
  • Turquoise Pearl Dragon Bracelet: brings love, healing, insight and tranquility, encourages communication and expression of truths.