Valarr Targaryen

Valarr Targaryen

Prince Valarr Targaryen was the eldest son of Prince Baelor Targaryen, the heir of King Daeron II Targaryen, and thus himself promised to the Throne.

He greatly resembled his father, even though he was shorter and thinner. He had blue eyes, and his hair was brown, with a golden-silver streak.

Prince Valarr had several stillborn sons. He died during the Spring Scourge, shortly before his grandfather Daeron II.

In The Knight Errant

Prince Valarr Targaryen participates in the Cendregué tournament as Lady Cendregué's champion, but his status as prince of the Crown and grandson of the king means that he does not face any really dangerous opponents, as they do not wish to take the risk of harming him.

During the Judgment of the Seven between Ser Duncan the Great and his cousin Aerion, the young prince lends his armor to his father, who had not brought any. After his father's death, Prince Valarr would become the new heir to the throne.

In The Lige Sword

Perhaps named Hand of the King after his father's death,[N 4] Prince Valarr died during the Spring Scourge, hours before his royal grandfather Daeron II Targaryen. The crown then passes to Aerys, Daeron's second son and Prince Valarr's uncle.