Vaegon Targaryen

Vaegon Targaryen
Born in the year 63, Vaegon Targaryen, known as the Dragonless and later known as Archmaester Vaegon, was the seventh child and fourth son of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and Queen Alysanne.

Vaegon Targaryen History

He is a sullen boy with hunched shoulders and a long, pinched face, despite the gold and silver hair and violet eyes of House Targaryen. He is very unpleasant towards his little sister Daella, to whom his mother thought, for a while, to marry him.

He is not interested in anything but reading, nor in women, nor in playing with weapons. His older brother Baelon took on the task of training him without success, and the humiliation during training inflicted by his sister Alyssa Targaryen in the year 74, definitively disgusted him with weapons.

In the year 78, three days after his fifteenth birthday, his father decided to send him to the Citadel, on the advice of Grand Maester Elysar. He rose to the rank of Archmaester bearing the ring, staff and mask of yellow gold, corresponding to the science of accounts and currency. He was also a scholar in the field of alchemy, astronomy and mathematics.

In the year 101, his father called upon him to settle the question of succession: perhaps it was Vaegon who suggested the idea of the Great Council of 101, or perhaps his father offered him the throne and he refused it.