Saera Targaryen

Saera Targaryen

Saera Targaryen was the ninth child and fifth daughter of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his sister-wife, Alysanne. She fell out of favor in 84 and was exiled to Essos, where she became a prostitute and later a pimp.

Saera Targaryen History

Princess Saera is a fierce child who tries to attract the attention of her entourage and her parents, who are busy with the kingdom and their many children.

She commits numerous misdeeds without it being possible to discern whether they are jokes or cruelty. The deliberate malevolence of her actions becomes apparent as she enters adolescence. Tom Navet, the king's fool, was one of the many victims of her pranks.

In the year 84, Saera was involved in a scandal with her two friends, Perianne Moore and Alys Tournebaie, the two squires Jonah Mouton and Roy Connington, and Ser Braxton of the Swarms, known as "the Sting". The three young girls confess to having had sexual relations with the three young men at Saera's initiative.

When questioned by her parents, she reveals herself to be manipulative and arrogant, and then tries to escape from the room where her father has confined her before being captured as she is about to steal a dragon.

She is subsequently incarcerated in a tower in the Red Keep, under the watchful eye of Jonquil Dark, and forced to witness the death of Braxton of the Swarms at the hands of her father in a legal duel.

Hoping for her redemption, her parents send her to Villevieille, to the Sisters of Silence, under the supervision and care of her older sister Maegelle. Refusing this priesthood, she fled in the year 85 and took refuge first in Lys, where she was seen the following year trading her body in the costume of a novice of the Faith.

Fortune made, she settles a few years later in Volantis where she becomes the owner of a house of pleasure. The letters that her mother tries to send her remain forever unanswered.

In the year 101, Saera is still alive and well, at the age of forty-four. She refused to participate in the Great Council of 101, arguing that she had her "own kingdom" in Volantis.

Instead, three of her bastard sons show up; one of them looks very much like his grandfather King Jaehaerys I Targaryen, while another is from a relationship with a triarch of Volantis.