Naerys Targaryen

Naerys Targaryen

Born in the year 138, Naerys Targaryen was the daughter of King Viserys II Targaryen of the Seven Crowns and his wife Larra Rogare.

She married her older brother, King Aegon IV Targaryen, but songs and tales say she was in love with her other brother, Prince Aemon Dragon Knight. She had several stillborn children and two living children: Daeron II and Daenerys.

She was a sweet and gentle little woman in poor health. She had very pale skin, fine features, and her large, deep violet eyes were framed by pale lashes.

Naerys Targaryen History

During her childhood, Naerys Targaryen became attached to her brother Aemon, who could make her laugh. Although she is very devout, her father, Prince Viserys Targaryen, refuses to let her become a septa.

In the year 153, when she was fifteen, her father married her off according to Valyrian custom to her older brother, Prince Aegon, with the approval of his uncle, King Aegon III Targaryen.

The singers say that Naerys and his brother Aemon cried during the ceremony, but the chronicles say that Aemon and Aegon argued during the wedding banquet and that Naerys cried during the bedtime ceremony.

On the last day of the same year, she gave birth to a son: Daeron. The birth was so difficult that Grand Maester Alford said that another pregnancy could be fatal. She then asked her brother-husband not to force her to honor her marital duties.

However, as he does not like her, he refuses coldly and continues to sleep with her without pleasure, in spite of the many mistresses that he maintains.

She is regularly offended by her brother-husband, but he does not dare to attack her physically, perhaps for fear of their brother, Prince Aemon, Dragon Knight of the Royal Guard.

In the year 161, Princess Naerys suffered a miscarriage, which left her practically dead. Soon after, her brother-husband is sent by their cousin, King Baelor I Targaryen, as an emissary to Braavos.

According to the chronicles, this mission was a stratagem to make sure that Aegon would not touch Naerys during his convalescence.

Later, before the year 170, Princess Naerys gave birth to twins, but they died shortly after. King Baelor then fasts for a full moon cycle, and nearly kills himself.

In the year 172, Aegon becomes king of the Seven Crowns as Aegon IV Targaryen and Naerys becomes queen of the Seven Crowns. Fifteen days after the birth of Aegor Rivers, bastard son of Aegon and his official mistress Barba Bracken, Naerys gives birth to a daughter, Daenerys and a stillborn son.

She is left weakened by childbirth, and her life seems to be in danger. The Hand of the King Lord Bracken then raises the possibility of marrying his daughter Barba to the king, but Naerys recovers and the scandal causes the Brackens to fall from grace. Daeron and Aemon Dragon Knight force Aegon IV to expel them from the court.

Aegon IV quickly finds a new mistress, Melissa Nerbosc. More gentle and generous than the previous one, she manages to make herself appreciated by Naerys, Daeron and Aemon Dragon Knight[4].

During the following years, Prince Daeron and his father Aegon IV quarreled about the royal plan to invade Dorne in 174, and the king threatened for the first time to disinherit his son in favor of one of his bastards.

In this climate of tension between the king and his heir, the knight Morgil Piquemèche accuses Queen Naerys of having been unfaithful to her husband and of having slept with her brother Aemon Dragon Knight, which would have made Daeron a bastard and caused him to lose his status as heir.

In order to prove his sister's innocence, Prince Aemon confronts Ser Morgil Piquemèche in a legal duel. Ser Morgil's death proves the queen's innocence.

This episode is the subject of many songs. The rumor of an affair between the Queen and Prince Aemon, however, instills a lasting doubt about Daeron's paternity. It will be one of the pretexts of Daemon Feunoyr's rebellion.

During a tournament, Naerys Targaryen is designated Queen of Love and Beauty by the winner, the mysterious Knight of Weeping. She dies in childbirth a few years later, one year after her brother Aemon.