Gael Targaryen

Gael Targaryen

Born in the year 80, Gael Targaryen was a princess of House Targaryen, the thirteenth child and seventh daughter of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his sister-wife, Alysanne. Being born in the middle of winter, she was nicknamed the Winter Child. She died in the year 99, throwing herself into the waters of the river Blackwater.

Physical appearance and personality

From the moment she was born, Gael was a pale, thin and frail child. As the last child of Queen Alysanne, she was always at her mother's side. She was kind, obedient, shy and gentle, but simple-minded.


Her birth followed the untimely death of her two brothers Gaemon and Valerion. Grand Maester Elysar and septa Lyra did everything they could to ensure that the child would survive. Pale and frail, Gael is the object of all the attention during the first year of her life. If she does not become vigorous, her health is maintained.

In the year 87, her sister Viserra died, which broke her mother's heart. Gael is then constantly at his mother's side, even to sleep. While the other children of Alysanne gradually leave, Gael stays with his mother.

Gael is seduced by a travelling singer and she becomes pregnant. In the year 99, she gives birth to a stillborn bastard. Overwhelmed, Gael throws herself into the bay of Blackwater and drowns.

In order to preserve the reputation of the royal family, the rumor officially claims that she died of a summer fever. Queen Alysanne, who loved her very much, could no longer stand the Red Keep and the court of King's Landing. She left for Peyredragon and died the following year.