Daeron II Targaryen

Daeron 2 Targaryen

Born at the very end of the year 153, King Daeron II Targaryen, known as Daeron the Good (the Hypocrite-born or False-Lineage by his enemies), was the eldest legitimate son and heir of Aegon IV Targaryen and his wife (and sister) Queen Naerys Targaryen. He acceded to the throne rather late when he was more than thirty years old.

Thin, with tucked shoulders and a slight paunch, Daeron had never been a fighter, but he exuded a great peaceful strength. His physique and the company of his beloved masters put him at odds with the traditionally fighting culture of the Seven Crowns.

Probably because of the many rumors questioning his legitimacy (rumors provoked by his father's behavior, who thought he was the son of Aemon Dragon Knight, in favor of his bastard half-brother Daemon Feunoyr), he wore his father's elaborate crown.

Daeron II Targaryen Youth

Prince Daeron was married to the Dornish princess Mariah Martell by King Baelor I Targaryen shortly after the death of King Daeron I Targaryen and the failure of the military conquest of Dorne in the 160s.

This marriage was the first step towards a rapprochement between the principality and the rest of the Seven Crowns. His wife gave him four sons, Baelor in 170, Aerys, Rhaegel and Maekar.

Before taking the throne, Daeron was subjected to the questionable behavior of his father, King Aegon the Unworthy. Aegon suspects that he is actually the son of his own brother, Aemon the Dragon Knight, rather than his own.

Although he does not openly question the legitimacy of the prince, he dangerously weakens him in 182, by recognizing his bastard son Daemon Feunoyr and giving him Feunoyr, the ancestral sword of the Targaryen kings. Two years later, King Aegon died, legitimizing all his bastards on his deathbed.

Daeron II Targaryen Reign

When King Daeron took the throne in 184, he established close contacts with the Dornish nobility. His wife Mariah introduced many Dorne customs and traditions to the court in King's Landing.

Then he made Prince Maron Martell marry his younger sister, Daenerys, which allowed Dorne to be finally attached to the Seven Crowns, the principality finally recognizing the suzerainty of the Iron Throne in the year 187.

This marriage has the added advantage of preventing his bastard half-brother, Daemon Feunoyr (whom some consider more legitimate than he is), from marrying his sister, as both are in love with each other. The castle of Lestival was built in 188 to symbolize this new friendship and the unity of the kingdom of Dorne at the Wall.

Unfortunately, this rapprochement with the Dornians, as well as the presence at court of a large number of scholars whose entourage Daeron appreciates, leads to a growing discontent on the part of the more traditionalist nobility.

Daemon Feunoyr, furious at having lost Daenerys, took the lead in the rebellion and, backed by powerful allies, declared himself a pretender to the Iron Throne in the year 196. This civil war was the greatest threat the Targaryen dynasty had ever faced.

After the failure of the rebellion and the death of Daemon, Daeron appointed his son and heir Baelor Hand of the King. However, Baelor died prematurely during the tournament of Cendregué in the year 209. It is probably the eldest son of the latter, and grandson of the king, Valarr, who is appointed Hand of the King.

King Daeron died during the Spring Scourge in 209 with many of his grandchildren, including Valarr and Matarys Targaryen, the two sons of Baelor. It was Daeron's second son, Aerys, who ascended to the Iron Throne as Aerys I Targaryen.

Daeron II Targaryen Legacy

Despite Daemon Feunoyr's rebellion in 196, which was followed by many other Feunoyr attempts to overthrow the Targaryens, Daeron II is considered a competent and peaceful king.

The balance of his reign seems to be positive, the Feunoyr Rebellions being much more the consequence of his father Aegon the Unworthy's reign than his own. Dorne is finally attached to the kingdom, allowing the effective union of the Seven Crowns, desired by generations of Targaryens.

It is Daeron II who convinces his son Maekar to let his son Aemon become Maester at the Citadel, as the realm has many potential successors to the Iron Throne and "too many dragons is as dangerous as too few".