Daella Targaryen

Daella Targaryen

Born in 64, Daella Targaryen was the eighth child and fourth daughter of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his sister-wife, Alysanne. Married to Lord Rodrik Arryn, she died in 82 giving birth to their only daughter, Aemma Arryn. 

Daella Targaryen History

Princess Daella Targaryen is a delicate girl, shy, impressionable, not very talkative and crying easily. She is close to her older sister Maegelle and her mother. On the other hand, her sister Alyssa and her brother Vaegon, as well as the older boys, intimidate her from childhood and even more so in adolescence.

Daella became a young girl who could barely read and write, with an unsophisticated mind, unable to hold a prayer or face an audience.

Her mother tries in vain to arrange several marriages for her, all of which fail because of the girl's sensitivity or, in the case of Royce Nerbosc, the difference in religion.

Exasperated, Jaehaerys I imposed that she be married before the end of the year 80. Daella chose Lord Rodrik Arryn, Sire of Eyrie, who was thirty-six years old, widowed and had four children.

Daella became pregnant in the year 82, which frightened her greatly and put her in danger because of her fragile physical condition. She died of puerperal fever shortly after giving birth to a daughter, Aemma.

Her death leads to a quarrel between her two parents, as the queen blames the king for having pushed Daella to marry, even though she was not old enough and strong enough to bear a child. She is cremated and her ashes are buried in Peyredragon.