Alyssa Targaryen

Princess Alyssa Targaryen was the fifth child and second daughter of King Jaehaerys I and Queen Alysanne. She was named after her grandmother, Alyssa Velaryon.

Alyssa Targaryen History

She was born in the year 60, a few months after the death of her older sister Daenerys. She is a lively child, but not very beautiful, with dirty blond hair, too big ears, and a nose that remained crooked because of a fracture at the age of six. She preferred climbing, horseback riding and swordplay to sewing, singing and reading.

Married to her older brother Baelon in 75, to whom she has always been very close, she had three sons, princes Viserys, Daemon and Aegon. Shortly after her marriage, Alyssa chose a dragon.

After giving up on the advice of the Dragon Keepers to claim the old Balerion, she chose Meleys. A few days after their births, she takes her first two sons with her on her dragon.

But, at the age of 24, she dies shortly after giving birth to her third son, Aegon, who dies shortly before his first birthday.