Alysanne Targaryen

Alysanne Targaryen

Born in the year 36, Alysanne Targaryen was the daughter of King Aenys I and Alyssa Velaryon. She became queen of the Seven Crowns, marrying her older brother, Jaehaerys I, with whom she had thirteen children.

Four of them (Aegon, Daenerys, Valerion and Gaemon) did not reach adulthood. The other nine were named Aemon, Baelon, Alyssa, Maegelle, Vaegon, Daella, Saera, Viserra, and Gael.

Close to her husband and one of his most important advisors, she is known as "Good Queen Alysanne" because she was so loved by the people.

She rode the dragon Silverwing.

Alysanne Targaryen Physical appearance

Slim and small in stature, Alysanne does not possess the typical Targaryen features, being blonde with blue eyes. She has a lot of charm, and despite her small size, a robust health.

Alysanne Targaryen History


Alysanne was born in the year 36. She is the second daughter and fifth child of Aenys Targaryen and Alyssa Velaryon. A year after her birth, her grandfather Aegon the Conqueror died and her father, Aenys, became king of the Seven Crowns as Aenys I.

At the end of 41, the royal family was forced to leave King's Landing for Peyredragon due to the unrest caused by the War of the Faith. Early the next year, when Alysanne was five years old, her father died in the middle of the War of the Faith.

She attended his funeral on Peyredragon, along with her two older brothers, Viserys and Jaehaerys. Queen Alyssa takes her children as soon as the ceremony is over and finds refuge in Lamarck, the seat of her original house, just before Maegor Targaryen returns from exile: he usurps the crown that should have gone to Alyssa's older brother, Aegon.

After Aegon's defeat by Maegor in the year 43, Queen Visenya Targaryen rides her dragon Vhagar to Lamarck. She manages to convince Alyssa to stop opposing Maegor and to return to King's Landing with her children, where they attend Maegor's polygamous wedding with Tyanna of the Tower.

Afterwards, Alyssa, Alysanne and Jaehaerys are sent to Peyredragon, under Visenya's care, while Viserys remains in King's Landing as Maegor's ward and squire. In the year 44, Visenya died and in the ensuing confusion, Alyssa Velaryon fled with her two children. They found refuge with House Baratheon for several years.

In the year 48, when Alyssa was only twelve years old, Lord Rogar Baratheon proclaimed his brother Jaehaerys I king of the Seven Kingdoms and prepared to confront the usurper, Maegor I. His plan includes the tactical support of Alysanne, mounted on the dragon Silverwing.

As their ost marches towards King's Landing, Jaehaerys and Alysanne are joined by their older sister, Rhaena, riding the dragon Flamewing. The three dragons and their dragon riders arrive in King's Landing nine days after the mysterious death of Maegor I. Jaehaerys is thus crowned King of the Seven Crowns by the High Septon.

In her youth, Alysanne became a skilled archer, and she practiced hunting. She also enjoys traveling on her dragon Silverwing across the kingdom.

She is also particularly scholarly and would have liked to become a Maester if she could. At the age of thirteen, when her mother Alyssa Velaryon married Rogar Baratheon, she took on the task of entertaining the highborn ladies, making a strong impression on them with her cheerfulness and natural goodness.

Jaehaerys and Alysanne's first marriage

In the year 49, Jaehaerys' advisors and Queen Regent Alyssa Velaryon decided to marry Alysanne to Orryn Baratheon, a younger brother of Alysanne's father-in-law, Lord Rogar Baratheon.

However, she herself wishes to marry her brother, Jaehaerys, for whom the council is still unable to select a bride. Warned of the wedding plans for them, Alysanne and Jaehaerys decide to flee the capital on the back of a dragon and take refuge in Peyredragon, where they are married in secret.

The queen regent, the Hand and the royal advisors want to separate the couple, but they run up against the Royal Guard and the Peyredragon garrison, who choose to defend their king. Cautiously, the young couple decide to live in Peyredragon under the protection of the Kingsguard until Jaehaerys comes of age.

Together, the two young men diligently attend the lessons of the masters and septons, mingle with the people, fly dragons, and entertain the local lords.

Their mother Alyssa Velaryon tries to undo their marriage by sending the Wise Men to Alyssa, who are supposed to convince the young woman of the ungodliness of her union. This attempt fails, as the young queen manages to convince the Wise Men of her love for her brother.

Once Jaehaerys reaches the age of majority, he leaves Peyredragon for King's Landing, where he officially seizes power. Alysanne stays on Peyredragon for another six months, as Jaehaerys does not want to expose her.

The Good Queen

Alysanne officially marries her brother, Jaehaerys I, and becomes Queen of the Seven Crowns. She is very close to her husband, who associates her with his councils and of whom she is one of the main advisors.

Very quickly, Alysanne repopulated the court with singers and revived the arts in the Red Keep. Renowned for her charity and appreciated by the people, she accompanies her husband who likes to travel his kingdom.

While on their first trip, she was attacked and later lost her first child, she continued to accompany her husband when she could, and held women's classes during these trips. When she is pregnant, she takes refuge in Peyredragon to give birth in peace.

Queen Alysanne is responsible for many laws and changes in the way the kingdom works: she is said to have recommended that her husband abolish the custom of the first night, inspired the Widow's Law, and built the Queen's Fountains in King's Landing. She also organized weddings between the great families to build friendships between the different regions of the kingdom.

One of the royal couple's trips takes them to Winterfell. Leaving her husband to confer with the governor of the North, the Queen, riding her dragon Silverwing, continues on to Castle Black (spending a night in a watchtower renamed Queen Crown in her honor), before being joined by her husband.

There, seeing the condition of the Night's Watch, she suggested to the black brothers that they abandon Fort Nox and build a new, more modest fort to the east, on the shores of a lake, going so far as to commit her personal jewels to finance its construction. This fort was named Noirlac.

She also obtained from her husband that he doubled the surface of the lands allocated to the Night's Watch; this addition became Neufdon. The Stark brothers did not appreciate this measure, which deprived them of part of their lands, but their opposition was in vain. As a sign of gratitude, the sworn brothers of the Watch named one of the castles on the Wall, Neve Gate, the Queen's Gate.

Jaehaerys and Alysanne fell out on two occasions. The second quarrel was the most serious and lasted two years. It was provoked by the king's decision to choose, after the death of their son and heir Aemon, in the year 92, their youngest son Baelon, over Aemon's only daughter Rhaenys.

The queen considers that a daughter has as many rights as a son. They are reconciled only thanks to the intervention of their daughter, septa Maegelle, even if, until her death, Queen Alysanne will not change her point of view.

In the year 93, she attended the marriage of her grandson Viserys, with another of her granddaughters, Aemma Arryn, and then, in the year 97, the marriage of Viserys' brother, Daemon Targaryen, with Rhea Royce.

Very affected by the suicide of their last-born daughter, Gael, in the year 99, Alysanne died soon after, on the first day of the seventh moon of the year 100, while she had retired to Peyredragon. Her death causes great grief to the king. Her ashes are buried in Peyredragon.