Tessarion | Targaryen Dragon


Tessarion, known as the Blue Queen, was a dragon, apparently female, ridden by Prince Daeron the Bold during the Dance of the Dragons.

His scales, wings and breath were dark blue like cobalt while his crest, claws and belly scales were copper.

Still young, he was still a good fighter and more agile than his older counterparts. According to all accounts, Tessarion was three times smaller than Vermithor and nowhere near as scary.


In the year 120, Prince Daeron Targaryen already owned Tessarion, but he did not ride him yet. In the year 126, Daeron is sent to Villevieille, to serve as squire and cupbearer to Lord Ormund Hightower, accompanied by Tessarion.

In the year 129, Viserys I Targaryen dies, triggering the Dance of the Dragons between the Black of Rhaenyra and the Green of Aegon II Targaryen. Daeron Targaryen remains loyal to his brother and in early 130, he participates in his first battle on his dragon: at the Battle of the Hydromel, the Hightower army supporting Aegon II is caught in the grip of Rhaenyra's followers.

As the men begin to break, the unexpected arrival of Tessarion, led by Daeron, turns the tide of battle. The prince is knighted and proclaimed ser Daeron the Bold following the battle, but he modestly acknowledges that all credit goes to his dragon.

Thanks to Tessarion, Ormund Hightower's army goes from victory to victory: Rhaenyra's followers are helpless against a dragon and prefer to surrender without resistance, rather than burn.

Lord Ormund obtains the submission of Rowan de Boisdoré, du Rouvre de Vieux Rouvre and the lords of the Shield Islands. After a short siege, Lady Merryweather surrenders Longuetable.

Pont-l'Amer is sacked, in retaliation for the death of Prince Maelor. Tessarion flies in front of the main column, allowing Prince Daeron to easily spot the enemy's movements and warn Lord Hightower.

Most of their enemies prefer to flee as they approach, unwilling to face either Lord Ormund's ever-growing ost or Prince Daeron's dragon. They progress to Chutebourg.

At the first battle of Chutebourg, Rhaenyra's followers seem to be able to win, until Tessarion arrives and the dragon seeds Hugh Marteau and Ulf the White, mounted on Vermithor and Silverwing, betray them.

Prince Daeron the Bold burns the remaining troops outside the city, including Ser Garibald Gris. After the battle, Tessarion is said to have feasted on the charred bodies of his victims.

The death of Ormund Hightower during the fighting leaves the ost without a natural leader. Arguments broke out between the various pretenders and the ost is immobilized in Chutebourg.

Tessarion is stationed a hundred paces from her dragonlord's lodge, west of the city. She wears no chains, and can fly and eat whenever she pleases.

One night, while everyone is asleep, the camp is attacked by Rhaenyra's followers coming from the Conflans and led by ser Addam Velaryon, Seasmoke's dragonlord.

Tessarion wakes up because of the fighting and takes flight, screaming and spitting flames, without a dragonrider to guide her. Addam Velaryon and Seasmoke fly to meet her.

The two young dragons clash in the air, nimble and agile. They rush at each other, avoid each other at the last moment, snap their jaws, roar to impress each other or spit flames.

But they don't come into contact with each other, just twirl in the air. Seasmoke is finally diverted by Addam Velaryon onto Vermithor, who wreaks havoc on the Queen's men.

Vermithor's size and weight make him look like he should win, until Tessarion attacks them both. The three dragons clash indiscriminately. Tessarion survives the confrontation.

She would have lived a whole day more, trying three times to get back to the sky, without succeeding. As she seemed to be suffering, Lord Benjicot Nerbosc asked his best archer, Billy Burley, to put her out of her misery. Burley placed himself beyond the range of Tessarion's flames and shot three arrows into her eye.

It is not known what happens to Tessarion's body and bones after his death, unlike those of Vermithor and Seasmoke.