Seasmoke | Targaryen Dragon

Seasmoke Dragon

Seasmoke was a dragon, apparently male, ridden by Laenor Velaryon.

It was light silver-gray in color.


Seasmoke was probably born from a dragon's egg placed in Laenor's cradle at birth, according to the tradition of her mother's house, Princess Rhaenys.

In the year 101, Laenor is seven years old and already owns Seasmoke, but he still hasn't flown on him. The animal is his pride and passion.

After Laenor Velaryon's death in 120 at Spice Harbor, Seasmoke returns to the wild on the island of Peyredragon. He establishes his lair in a cave in Montdragon.

In the year 129, the Dance of the Dragons broke out. During the first black council, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen recommends to find dragon riders to ride the dragons of the island and lead them to battle, however, in the immediate future, the party of the pretender Rhaenyra Targaryen knows that they cannot rely on them.

Towards the end of the year 129, the Prince of Peyredragon Jacaerys Velaryon promises land and knighthood to any man who can subdue a dragon during the Red Season.

Since Seasmoke has already been ridden, he is more tolerant of humans. Ser Steffon Sombrelyn, Lord Commander of the Regin Guard of Rhaenyra, was killed trying to tame it, but the dragon eventually agreed to be ridden by a fifteen-year-old boy, Addam of Carene.

His success in riding Laenor Velaryon's former dragon seems to confirm the claims of his mother, Marilda de Carène, that Laenor was the father of her bastard sons.

Shortly thereafter, Lord Corlys Velaryon requested and obtained that Marilda's sons be legitimized by Queen Rhaenyra and take the name Velaryon.

When Alyn de Carène, Addam's younger brother, tries to tame Sheepstealer, the dragon spits its fire on him. He only avoids death thanks to Seasmoke, who puts his fellow dragon to flight.

Addam Velaryon and Seasmoke then take part in the Battle of Gosier at the beginning of 130, where they arrive as reinforcements for Prince Jacaerys Velaryon against the Triarchy fleet, fighting for the party of Aegon II Targaryen.

During the fall of King's Landing, Addam and his dragon stand guard by flying around the ramparts, waiting for the city to be secured. Afterwards, they stay in the capital to defend it, with Seasmoke living in Fossedragon.

Following the betrayals of Chutebourg and the defection of the Two Traitors, many question the loyalty of the d'Addam.

Queen Rhaenyra orders his arrest, but he is warned in time and flies away with Seasmoke, determined to prove that not all bastards are turncoats.

The singers claim that he has gone to seek advice from the green men of Face Island. Addam gathered a force of four thousand Conflans, including Tullys, and led them to Chutebourg.

During the second battle of Chutebourg, Addam Velaryon and Seasmoke wreak havoc on the ost of Aegon II Targaryen's followers, setting fire to the tents and shops of the city.

Prince Daeron Targaryen, Addam Velaryon and Seasmoke fly to meet Tessarion, who has been left alone after the death of his dragonlord.

The two young dragons clash in the air, agile and quick. They rush at each other, dodge at the last moment, snap their jaws, roar to impress each other or spit flames.

But they don't come into contact with each other, just twirl in the air. Seasmoke is finally diverted by Addam Velaryon onto Vermithor, a dragon of one of the Two Traitors, who wreaks havoc on the queen's men.

Vermithor's size and weight make it look easy to win, until Tessarion attacks them both. The three dragons fight each other indiscriminately and all end up dead.

Seasmoke is the first to die, Vermithor having torn off his head. Addam Velaryon is found dead not far from his dragon's corpse at the end of the battle.

During the Winter of the Widows, Lady Sharis Piète of Chutebourg has the skulls of Seasmoke and Vermithor cleaned, mounted and displayed in the main square, where she charges travelers a penny to look at them and a brass star to touch them.