Morning | Targaryen Dragon

Morning Dragon

Born around the year 131, Morning was the dragon, apparently female, of Lady Rhaena Targaryen from the Dance of the Dragons. She could not be ridden until 135.

She was pale pink, while her horns, crest and wing bones were black.


Shortly before the start of the war of succession known as the Dance of the Dragons, the dragoness Syrax laid a clutch of eggs. The daughter of Prince Daemon Targaryen and Laena

Velaryon, Rhaena Targaryen, is not yet attached to any dragon, so she is given three of these eggs. She travels to the Vale of Arryn, where she prays every night that one of them will eventually hatch.

In the year 131, at the end of the war, it is learned that one of the eggs has hatched: Rhaena names her dragoness Morning. Accompanied by their protector, Lady Jeyne Arryn of the Eyrie, Rhaena and her dragoness travel to King's Landing, where they delight the King's Landing people. Morning makes a habit of following Rhaena around. She is then frail enough to be held on her shoulders, like a stole.

On the third day of the third moon of the year 135, Rhaena Targaryen rode her dragoness for the first time, to the amazement of the people of King's Landing.

They made a simple circle over the city before landing in Fossedragon. Thereafter, Rhaena rides her dragon at least once a day, flying further each time than the day before.

She once dared to land inside the Red Keep, which pleased the little queen Daenaera Velaryon, but despite the efforts of Prince Viserys Targaryen, King Aegon III Targaryen refused to come and watch Rhaenaena fly.

Soon after, Rhaenaena leaves King's Landing on the back of Morning. They cross the Blackwater Bay to Peyredragon, where she hopes to receive a more enthusiastic welcome than her half-brother.

That same year, Rhaena's husband is murdered. Her twin sister, Baela Targaryen, travels to Peyredragon to console her and prevent her from riding Morning for revenge.

At the end of the year 136, Rhaena wishes to accompany the royal peregrination that the regents prepare for her brother. They politely dissuaded her from coming with her dragoness.

The date and circumstances of Morning's death are unknown, but she was one of the last dragons in Westeros and died before the year 153, when the last Targaryen dragon died.