Moondancer Dragon

Moondancer is a dragon, apparently male, ridden by Baela Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons. Its scales are pale green and its crest, horns and claws are pearly.


At the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons, Moondancer is already associated with Baela Targaryen, but she has never ridden him yet, because he is still too frail.

At the beginning of the year 130, Baela rides her dragon for the first time, and enjoys it very much; every day, she flies freely in all corners of Peyredragon, and even crosses the Blackwater Bay to Lamarck.

During the year, when Gris Spectre is found dead and partially devoured, Lady Baela proposes to the governor, Ser Robert Coing, to go and see for herself; she is convinced that she can escape the danger posed by the Cannibal thanks to the younger and livelier Moondancer. Ser Robert forbids it, and gives orders to prevent her from leaving the castle.

When Peyredragon falls, Baela manages to escape the attackers, reach the stables and fly to Moondancer. In the skies, she meets Aegon II Targaryen, riding Sunfyre over Montdragon.

During the battle, Moondancer, younger and faster, manages to seriously injure Sunfyre, but the larger and heavier Sunfyre drags him down and, once on the ground, kills him. Unable to fly or move, Sunfyre feeds on the carcass of Moondancer.