Grey Ghost | Targaryen Dragon

Grey Ghost Dragon

Grey Ghost was a wild dragon, apparently male, living on Peyredragon during the Dance of the Dragons. He was pale gray, the color of the morning fog.

The locals call him that because he is very shy and secretive, shunning men and their works.

Rarely observed, it prefers to feed on fish that it catches in the strait. Its den is located on Montdragon, in one of the chimneys of the volcano.


In the year 129, Prince Jacaerys Velaryon offered land, titles and wealth to any dragon seed that could master a dragon. Some of them went in search of Gris Spectre but without success, notably Alyn de Carène.

In the year 130, the Flying Sailors of Nessaria saw a golden dragon and a gray dragon fighting off the coast of Montdragon. They tell the story all over Peyredragon and fishermen go around the mountain and find the burned and broken corpse of a dragon.

Cut in half, torn apart and partially eaten, the color of its wings and scales identify it as a Spectre Grey. Ser Robert Coing, the island's governor, mistakenly attributes his death to the Cannibal and does not investigate further.