Drogon Game of Thrones

Drogon Game of Thrones

Drogon is one of the three dragons born in the Dothrak Sea, the plain of Essos so called for its size. He is named after Drogo, the deceased husband of Daenerys Targaryen.

It is distinguished by its black scales and reddish wings. He is the largest and fiercest of the litter and seems to be the most powerful of the three dragons. Drogon does not hesitate to protect Daenerys fiercely.

Biography of Drogon Game of Thrones

Season 1

In his egg form, he is offered with the eggs of Rhaegal and Viserion to Daenerys by Illyrio Mopatis for her wedding. The latter thinks that time has petrified them.

Viserys later tries to steal the eggs from Daenerys but Jorah stops him.

At the funeral pyre of Khal Drogo, Daenerys has the eggs placed at her side and enters the flames. When the pyre stops burning, Daenerys emerges unharmed with the three hatched dragons, Drogon resting on her shoulder.

Season 2

Daenerys takes her three dragons with her to Qarth where she trains them to breathe fire when they hear "Dracarys". However, Pyat Pree betrays her and takes the dragons to the House of the Undying.

She comes to free them later after ordering them to burn the conjurer.

Season 3

On the way to Serf's Bay, Drogon is having fun catching fish.

When Daenerys buys her Unsullied, she gives Drogon in chains to Kraznys mo Nakloz as they had agreed. He tries to control Drogon without success. Daenerys, after making sure that the Unsullied obey her, tells him that a dragon is not a slave and adds a "Dracarys" to his dragon's attention. Drogon then burns Kraznys before burning the other slavers.

He then leaves with his mother and brothers and the Unsullied.

When Daenerys meets a Judicieux of Yunkai, Daenerys throws a piece of meat to Viserion to intimidate the messenger, Drogon tries to steal it. When the negotiations fail, Drogon growls at Razdal mo Eraz and then on their master's orders, the slaves try to retrieve the gold from the Judicious but Drogon prevents them by landing near the chest. After their departure, he lands next to Daenerys who caresses him.

Drogon and his brothers land at the feet of Daenerys who tells them to fly away when Yunkai is freed.

Season 4

During the journey to Meereen, Daenerys caresses Drogon who has his head resting on her legs. When her brothers drop the sheep they are eating, Drogon tries to retrieve it. She then tries to calm him down but Drogon suddenly turns to her and growls to warn her not to interfere.

After the conquest of Meereen, Drogon burns a herd of goats.

A few days later, a father brings his daughter's bones to Daenerys and explains that Drogon burned her.

Season 5

The evening after Mossador's execution, Daenerys sees him perched above her on the pyramid. When she tries to touch him, Drogon flies away.

He flies over Jorah and Tyrion Lannister when they cross the ancient Valyria. Jorah and Tyrion admire him flying, which distracts them and allows the stone men to attack them.

After Daenerys' betrothal and the reopening of the fighting arenas, Drogon saves Daenerys and her allies from the Sons of the Harpy who are trying to kill them. Drogon is wounded in the confrontation. Daenerys then approaches him to remove the spears that wound him before riding on his back for the first time. Daenerys then orders him to fly away.

He drops Daenerys in her nest on a hill. She tries to convince him to take her back to Meereen and get back on his back. But he deliberately wiggles so that she slips off every time, making it clear that he has no intention of moving.

Season 6

After having succeeded in conquering the Dothraki, Daenerys feels the presence of Drogon whom she will join after having ordered her army to wait for her. Drogon lands with Daenerys on her back in front of her army to whom she makes a speech while staying on Drogon. They then fly to Meereen where Drogon lands her on the Great Pyramid.

When Daenerys, Tyrion and Missandei negotiate the terms of the masters' surrender, the masters demand the killing of the dragons which angers Daenerys. This anger is expressed by Drogon landing next to his mother, lowering a wing so that she can ride on him.

They first fly over Meereen and are joined by Viserion and Rhaegal who blow the door of the catacombs. They then fly over the ships. Daenerys then tells them "Dracarys" and the dragons burn the masters' fleet. Her dragons obey her perfectly.

A few weeks later, he accompanies his mother's armada to Westeros with his brothers Rhaegal and Viserion.

Season 7

Drogon arrives in Peyredragon with his mother, his brothers and their army.

Upon the arrival of Jon Snow, now King in the North, Drogon and his brothers steal and impress the visitors.

When Daenerys learns that her allies are either dead or imprisoned, she decides to leave with another part of her army of Dothraki and Drogon to attack the Lannister army that has taken Highgarden, the castle of the Tyrell matriarch.

The Dothraki come galloping in. Drogon arrives with his mother on his back who says "Dracarys". Drogon then destroys the supplies and clears a path for the Dothraki to break through the Lannister defenses. During the battle, Drogon shows incredible power. He destroys and burns the supplies and blows up or burns down his enemies.

When Jaime sees him, he asks Bronn to use the Qyburn machine because he can't use it, and the arrows don't reach the dragon. After Bronn misses, he shoots a second time just as Daenerys says to Drogon "Dracarys". Bronn shoots and hits Drogon in the wing, weakening him and causing him to fall before he can catch his fall.

He then burns the machine and destroys it with a blow from his tail. Jaime saw it land and decides to charge. Daenerys touches the ground and has her back turned, busy removing the line that wounds her dragon. Drogon having seen Jaime approaching Daenerys, moves forward and protects her by spitting fire.

After the destruction of the spoils of Highgarden, Drogon is camped on a rocky monticile while his mother addresses the crowd. They must bend the knee or die. Randyll Tarly and his son Dickon refuse.

Daenerys has them burned alive. He seems to have recovered very quickly from his battle wound. Back in Peyredragon, Drogon lands near Jon, sniffs him and lets him touch him. After Daenerys gets off his back, he rides off again leaving her alone with Jon.

Daenerys receives a distress signal from Jon Snow's team who have gone to capture a wraith, Daenerys gets on his back and they leave with her brothers beyond the Wall. With his brothers, he burns part of the army of specters present and then lands next to Jon and his companions.

They all climb on the dragon except Jon who stays to cover their escape. After Viserion's death, Jon orders them to leave him behind. Drogon narrowly avoids a javelin thrown by the Night King and takes everyone to the Wall. Once there and after dropping everyone off safely, he flies over the Wall with Rhaegal mourning the death of their brother.

He brings Daenerys to Fossedragon during the meeting of the sovereigns with Rhaegal. He drops her off before leaving with her brother.

Season 8

When his mother arrives in Winterfell, Drogon flies over the city with Rhaegal.

Later, Daenerys Targaryen, worried that they are not feeding well, will fly with Jon Snow on her dragons. Drogon will be ridden by her. When they arrive at a waterfall, they land and their passengers get off. Drogon then watches Daenerys and Jon kiss.

Before the battle begins, he flies over Winterfell with Rhaegal. They are stationed on a high ground away from the castle. The Dothraki attack has failed. Daenerys can't stay idle and leaves with Drogon, followed by Rhaegal and Jon. She orders Drogon to spit his flames on the spectres.

Jon spots the White Walkers in front of the wood next to Winterfell. They decide to attack them. But suddenly an ice storm prevents them from advancing. Daenerys can't see anything and Drogon has difficulties to fly in these conditions. He collides with Rhaegal and Daenerys barely holds on.

He continues his flights, but the storm blinds him. Like Jon, Daenerys goes after the Night King, who has appeared on Viserion's back. But he disappears above the clouds. Drogon and Rhaegal do a static flight to assess the situation. The Master of the Dead goes on the attack. Drogon is chased by Viserion who spits his blue flames.

Fortunately, he manages to keep his distance. Then, the Night King swoops down to the ground. Drogon follows them. A fight ensues between Rhaegal and Viserion. The Night King falls from his mount. Daenerys sees him alone in the middle of the plain.

 He is at her mercy. With a smile on her face, she orders Drogon to spit his flames. The latter applies himself well to his target. Unfortunately, the Master of the Dead comes out unscathed and with a smirk on his face. Drogon dodges the spear of the Night King.

As Jon is surrounded by the newly revived dead, Daenerys arrives with Drogon who burns the spectres. As they are on the ground, spectres leap onto the dragon. Drogon struggles to get rid of them. Daenerys falls to the ground from wriggling. Drogon flies away to get out of the way.

Finally, the spectres are defeated but Jorah Mormont is dead protecting Daenerys. Drogon approaches and lies down near his mother in grief.

The time has come to take back the Iron Throne, Daenerys makes sure Rhaegal can fly and then rides Drogon. They make a few turns over Winterfell and head for Peyredragon. The island is in sight but they are ambushed by Euron Greyjoy.

His ships are equipped with scorpions and Rhaegal is mortally wounded. Daenerys sees her child sinking into the sea and decides to run towards the ships. Then she realizes that the danger is too great and turns back, dodging more shots.

Drogon accompanies Daenerys when she tries to negotiate the surrender of Cersei.

After the discovery of Varys' treachery, Daenerys orders Drogon to burn him alive.

Later, when his mother launches an offensive on King's Landing, Drogon follows her orders and destroys the Iron Fleet as well as the scorpions on it and those on the city walls. With the power of his flames, he blows up the city gate killing some of the Golden Company before burning the survivors. Once his task is accomplished, he settles on a tower of the rampart.

He waits with his mother for the surrender of the city. However, when the bells ring, Daenerys orders him to attack the city and so begins the devastation of King's Landing. Drogon first ravages the city before attacking its inhabitants and destroying the Red Keep. In the end, Daenerys no longer makes him distinguish between allies and enemies.

After the devastation, he drops his mother off in front of her army and climbs a ruined wall. There, he roars during his mother's speech following the joy of the new queen's men. Later, he sleeps among the ruins of the Red Keep where a layer of ash covers him. He wakes up when Jon passes by and sniffs him before letting him pass and going back to sleep.

After the assassination of Daenerys Targaryen, Drogon flies over the ruins shouting before landing next to Jon and Daenerys. Seeing the lifeless body of his mother, Drogon shows himself unkind to Jon then tries to make his mother move by pushing her with his head without success.

He then threatens Jon and cries out in sadness. He spits his fire around the iron throne before destroying it by melting it with his flames. He then delicately takes his mother's body in his paw before flying away with her to an unknown destination.

Some time later, at a small council meeting, King Bran Stark asks his advisors about Drogon and learns that he was heading east the last time he was seen. Bran informs them that he will try to find him.

Drogon's Personality

Drogon is the largest of the litter. His scales are black, some of them reddish, his wings are wide and parchment-like, his eyes are orange. He is the dominant of the litter, impressing his brothers Rhaegal and Viserion. He is the one who most often asks for affection from Daenerys.

He does not hesitate to protect her by burning her enemies or intimidating them. He can be stubborn, but he is extremely loyal to Daenerys, fighting for her despite being injured in battle. It seems that he can sense when Daenerys is in danger and comes to her rescue. He seems to share a special bond with her.

Family tree of Drogon

  • Drogon             
  • Rhaegal           
  • Viserion

Drogon Game of Thrones Trivia

Drogon is named after Daenerys' deceased husband.

According to a rumor and conclusion during the cremation of Khal Drogo, a part of his soul would have been reincarnated in Drogon protecting Daenerys at the risk of his life which would explain why he is stronger, bigger and more powerful than his brothers.

In season 7 episode 5, Daenerys tells Jon that they are not beasts or animals but they are her children and they are not yet adults.