Brosno Dragon

Brosno Dragon

The Brosnensky also known as the Brosno dragon is a dragon-like cryptid, according to local beliefs, supposedly living in the lake Brosno in the Tver region of Russia. About the monster is known from the words of "eyewitnesses" local residents, most of them tell about the lizard in words, but some, allegedly, even "had the luck" to make his pictures.

According to descriptions of "eyewitnesses", this creature is scaly, like a reptile, at least five meters in size.

History of Brosno Dragon

The first mentions of the "Brosny Monster" date back to the time of the Tatar-Mongol invasion. According to legend, Batyi's army stopped near the shore of the lake. At night the warriors heard a great splash of water, and then they saw a huge monster come ashore and attack the people. In terror, the army scattered. Khan considered it a bad sign and ordered the army to retreat.

According to local accounts, during World War II the monster swallowed one German pilot, who catapulted from a shot-down plane into the waters of Lake Brosno. Some claim to have seen the monster's scaly head above the lake surface even today.

Brosno Dragon's Causes of legends

The origin of the lake lizard legends was most likely due to the unusually deep depth of the lake, and the processes of decay at depth leading to the formation of hydrogen sulfide "bubbles." These are hydrogen sulfide hydrates, constantly accumulating at the bottom a stock of poisonous gas, due to the high pressure of the water column being in a bound state.

To "boil" the hydrate cushion, a slight external impact (a pop from an explosion, dropping an anchor, etc.) is enough. The consequences of such a trivial anchor drop at the wrong time in the wrong place can be catastrophic.

If there had been any eyewitnesses on the nearby hills, they could have seen such a disappearance in the abyss as an "open mouth" (with or without spewing fire) which had swallowed its victims. According to the descriptions of eyewitnesses the monster strongly resembles a prehistoric plesiosaurus.

Research in Brosno Dragon

  • The Brosnian monster became massively famous after the publication of an article about it in the weekly "Caravan+Ya". Correspondents of the weekly magazine repeatedly came forward with expeditions to the lake, but they did not get any documentary evidence of the existence of the monster.
  • In June 2002 on channel TNT, in the program "Segodnyachko" on weekdays there was broadcasted reality show "Behind the Monster". In it, a group of volunteers attempted to find the monster of Brosnoe Lake by interviewing residents and exploring the area. However, by the final episode of the show, they were unable to get hard evidence of the monster's existence. They found huge beaver dams in the woods, which led them to speculate that locals had mistaken a large beaver for the monster. It was also discovered that hydrogen sulfide hydrates accumulate under the bottom of Brosno Lake, formed from the remains of plants in the local forests. They are under the pressure of the water column, but as soon as they are "disturbed" by a dropped anchor or something else, they immediately surface, bubbling and exploding. The processes in the lake are close in their mechanism to gas volcanism, as a result of which some people could topple over from their boats and in fear they mistook what was happening for an attack by the monster.
  • On the TNT channel, an investigation of the Brosnowsky Monster phenomenon was shown in the program "Unexplained but true" (episode "Lake Madness").
  • Cosmopoisk expeditions were repeatedly advanced to the lake. Researches were carried out using echo sounders, helicopter for air reconnaissance, involving scuba divers, etc. According to the materials of the expeditions of 2002-2007, it was concluded that the so-called Brosnensky monster is an accumulation of gas coming out of the depths of the lake to the surface.